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No more excuses for that greasy and nutrition lacking lunchtime meal grab! With this quick and easy Spring Salad Jar Recipe you will be well prepared and kept on track for that summer time bikini bod...which is fast approaching! Catch me on ICON UK as I run through one of my fav salads, layered in a […] Continue reading

Who doesn't need to take time to de-stress?  Stress is one of the leading factors in disease manifestation, and the shitty thing is---we don't actually notice it until its too late. There are soo many diseases and infections that occur simply due to stress. From your everyday common cold, weight gain, insomnia, depression, stomach and […] Continue reading

Looking to revamp your breakfast styles? Smoothie bowls are definitely the new hot brekkie trend. Packing a big punch, this much more satiating version of the typical smoothie will keep you going for hours and satisfy that sweet tooth...but in a much healthier way! Catch me on ICON UK as I run through one my […] Continue reading

Looking for a yoga routine refresh? Traveling? Just can't squeeze in the time to hit your favourite yoga studio? Catch me on Wild Dish this week as I run you through some of my favourite yoga postures to help stretch, strengthen and realign your body and reset your mind! Love, Dee xxx https://youtu.be/fDYKCF1kp84 […] Continue reading

Traveling is one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating therapies for our mental, emotional and physical well being. By removing ourselves from the monotonous environment that conceives our daily lives we can fall in love once again with our passions, reconnect with ourselves and set new intentions and goals for the future. This is my […] Continue reading

With the information overload of the 21st century, we can easily be bombarded with tips and suggestions of what we should or shouldn't do--especially when it comes to our health. I struggled with this one for years, as the proper "yogi way" is to practice yoga on an empty stomach. Now, this only makes sense […] Continue reading

I would have never called myself the 'maternal type,' I don't hold babies and usually prefer dogs.... perceiving the female obsession with all things 'baby' to be quite foreign and straight up odd (my mother thought something was very wrong). Until the day it happened to me. Ooops, another one bites the dust! Yes, I must admit at […] Continue reading

Yoga---you have heard about it, read about it and seen it absolutely everywhere, but have you taken the steps to really give it a try? Don't be discouraged by all the twisting, bending and upside-down postures that make you think "yoga is just not for me!" Everyone has to start somewhere (I sure did!), and […] Continue reading

"OMG ITS POSITIVE!!!" I wont pretend that the first time I saw that positive test trip that I was jumping for joy....actually, I collapsed to the ground, started hyperventilating and became overwhelmed with completely unfamiliar degrees of anxiety, panic and fear. I also wont pretend that I didn't know something was definitely up for at […] Continue reading

Admittedly I was a little apprehensive to try this recipe--pancakes are usually made with oats or flour! I was surprisingly blown away by the simplicity, delicious taste and affordability (how much does 1 banana and two eggs cost--50p?). Of course the options are endless, try tossing in: berries, plums, peaches, nuts...whatever your pancake desire is […] Continue reading