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Living in London offers little-to-no "healthy" quicker food options, unless of course you want to head to Pret...mm no thanks. I often find myself ordering (lets say 4 times a week!!) the same grilled chicken shish and fattoush salad from the local Beirut Express, and don't get me wrong it IS delicious....but I would prefer […] Continue reading

Ohh how I love coffee, especially a properly frothed soya cappuccino or almond milk chai latte. I am so obsessed that I take pictures of almost every coffee that is noteworthy, the foam thickness, the cup and saucer, the cute decoration on the top--to me a cup of good coffee is ART. Thankfully the independent […] Continue reading

Yummy Swedish Vegan Eats!

A cold and rainy early finish from shooting, I pinch myself to see if I am actually still in London..with time to kill I decide to take to the city and end up in Gothenburgs one and only raw foodie havens.. Raw Food Baren..a cute little refuge tucked underground..this teeny candlelit “hole in the wall” […] Continue reading