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New to Yoga? Learn some of the basics with my latest video!

Yoga—you have heard about it, read about it and seen it absolutely everywhere, but have you taken the steps to really give it a try? Don’t be discouraged by all the twisting, bending and upside-down postures that make you think “yoga is just not for me!” Everyone has to start somewhere (I sure did!), and building a strong foundation of the key postures is the start of an incredible physical and mentally rewarding journey. Yoga not only keeps you strong and lean, it stills the mind and allows you to really draw your attention inwards. To focus, to heal and to grow.

I have been practicing yoga for around 11 years now, and have dabbled in many different styles. Yoga has become my mentor, my trainer and my go-to stress reliever. It tells me where I am holding stress in the body- which is directly linked to emotions (ie anxiety, fear, even financial concerns), it trains me to clear my mind and focus-which becomes very difficult to do in modern day urban living, and keeps my body strong and fit-which is important for overall health and well being.

Absolutely everyone could benefit from some form of yoga (even if its just meditation!), you just need to find what works and what feels great!

So find a quiet space, lay down a mat and click on the link below to watch my 20 minute yoga video! Now, this video is for beginners, so if you have a consistent practice of 6 +months I would suggest waiting until I release the next video 😉


Dee xxx

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