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It is that dreaded time of the year again, Christmas is over--the parties, the gifts, the dinners, endless booze...Welcome to January! This glorious cold and grey month of hibernation, where most hide from their dreaded credit card bills, fitness routines and normal society with the hope of revealing from the effects of the many over-indulgences of the […] Continue reading

ICON invited me back to do a healthier version of the common commercial Chai Tea Latte. Not only can this yummy drink pack loads of empty calories, it will cause an energy crash soon after! Who needs that? Check out the video below for my healthier version that not only tastes much better, but is […] Continue reading

With the release of the latest James Bond film, Spectre, I decided to team up with the guys at Drinks Tube to pay a little tribute to the newest Daniel Craig film. Usually I opt for healthier options, but as I always say, life is about balance-pick your battles! Hope you enjoy the latest video […] Continue reading

juice cleansing

Another one bites the dust…a common phrase being thrown around the social scene of London at this point in time. Guaranteed one guest at your social dinner has pronounced this phrase, "Oh no, I am not eating, I am juice cleansing" with a twinge of guilt and misery staring at that delicious meal in front […] Continue reading

Yes, you heard it correct. I EAT DESSERT EVERYDAY (and somehow still manage to making a living off of my body!) Sweets make me very very happy, its almost like a secret obsessive partnership I have on the side (yikes, that sounds weird). ….now, I know loads of you are probably saying to yourself " screw off, […] Continue reading

health tips: kombuch

Before you close the page, asking yourself " Why do these weird, hippy-free-spirits eat and drink these strange things?!" I would like to (forcefully) invite you to have a read...it just may save your life ;) ****disclaimer: of course this is a joke, I cannot be held responsible for saving your life! **** If you have […] Continue reading

If I were leaving earth and given one last meal, I would, without a doubt (no questions asked), choose breakfast. Breakfast is so chill, so relaxed and innocent..where you can get away with eating an ingredient you just may not want to indulge in before your body lies dormant for (a supposed) 8 hour sleep. […] Continue reading

Living in London offers little-to-no "healthy" quicker food options, unless of course you want to head to Pret...mm no thanks. I often find myself ordering (lets say 4 times a week!!) the same grilled chicken shish and fattoush salad from the local Beirut Express, and don't get me wrong it IS delicious....but I would prefer […] Continue reading

Banish the H20 BLOAT!!

Argh!! I scream as I rip through my closet searching frantically for a loose summer dress. How could I have gained 5lbs overnight? Pff!! I rip off my shoes half-way through EVERY flight to get an instant release (these damn shoes fit 2 hours ago!) If you haven't guessed yet, or if this craziness has […] Continue reading

I am not a Vegan. I am not Paleo. I am not a Pescetarian..Raw Foodist..or a conformist to any of societies standardised labels of dietary preference. I simply believe in listening to my body and fueling myself with what my body needs at that time. I am often asked for “diet tips” and advice on […] Continue reading