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What to eat before and after yoga..simple snack ideas!

With the information overload of the 21st century, we can easily be bombarded with tips and suggestions of what we should or shouldn’t do–especially when it comes to our health. I struggled with this one for years, as the proper “yogi way” is to practice yoga on an empty stomach. Now, this only makes sense if we were living peaceful and low stress lives. Unfortunately with modern day living it is not usually the case, and our bodies are constantly overloaded with different forms of stress. In an ideal world we would all practice yoga on a mountain top, before the crack of dawn–on an empty stomach. When I completed my yoga teacher training in Thailand, that is exactly what we did for 5 weeks. Practice at 6 am in a lush rainforest environment, no pollution or environment noise, no busy work schedule to run to following, no pets or home to attend to. Life was much more simple, so yes–it was very easy to practice yoga on an empty stomach as the overall energy demands on my body were extremely less.

Like with anything, you are your best teacher. Learn to listen to your body and really hone in on what works for you. Living in London, I find it difficult to make a 6 am class, I couldnt possibly be in bed by 8 pm to meet my 8 hour (sometimes 9 hour) sleep requirement. Also, depending on the style of yoga, you will need some energy to support your body throughout the practice–instead of being distracted by a grumbling tummy or starving mind!

In saying that, it also makes sense that twisting and going upside down is not well supported by a full stomach. Confused? Don’t be! Click on my video link for Wild Dish for some quick and easy snack suggestions pre/post yoga!

Cheers, Dee


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